Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

  • Q: Do you take credit and debit cards?
    • A: Yes, we do take credit and debit cards.
  • Q: Are dogs allowed inside of the farm?
    • A: We love dogs; however due to the behavior of a few bad dogs we no longer allow pets at Linder Farms. If you need to bring a service animal, please be aware that we could ask you for the vaccination record of your pet.
  • Q: Is the farm wheelchair friendly?
    • A: This is a farm. The main courtyard is wheelchair friendly; however the corn maze and pumpkin patch are unpredictable.
  • Q: Do you wholesale pumpkins?
    • A: This is a pick your own patch. We do not have wholesale pumpkins.
  • Q: Can we bring in outside food?
    • A: If we sell the food item you cannot bring it in. For example, birthday cake and pizza are fine; hamburgers and hot chocolate are not allowed because we sell them.
  • Q: Are smoking and vaping allowed?
    • A: Smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • Q: Can I come back in if I go to my car?
    • A: Yes, you can go to your car and come back in once you have paid for admission.
  • Q: What are tokens?
    • A: Tokens are small plastic coins that can be used to do almost anything on the farm. From buying food to riding a zipline. They can not be used to pay for admission though. There are also discount prices for getting more tokens.


  • Q: Are you open on Sundays?
    • A: No, we are NOT open on Sundays. We need a day of rest and time to go to church.


  • Q: What does the military discount cover?
    • A: Military Discount applies to admission only.
  • Q: I have coupons for your competitor, can I use them for your farm too?
    • A: No, we don’t accept competitor coupons.
  • Q: Do you offer refunds?
    • A: No, we do not do give out refunds.


  • Q: How much are pumpkins?
    • A: Pumpkins are ¢30 per pound,which maxes out at 30 pounds, $9. Any pumpkin above 30 pounds is $9.
  • Q: Where do I get the pumpkins?
    • A: To get pumpkins, you can either get on a hayride, or walk out to the field and pick any pumpkin you wish!
  • Q: Do you have different types of pumpkins?
    • A: We have over 20 varieties of squash and pumpkins. We have all sizes from Atlantic Giants, to We Be Littles. We also have different colors, including orange, red and white.


  • Q: When do hayrides come around?
    • A: Hayrides come around every 5-15 minutes, depending on how many tractors and trailers we have going. We decide how many hayrides to have running, based on attendance.
  • Q: Where can I get on a hayride?
    • A: There is a hayride loading station, marked ‘Free Hayride Loads Here’ where you can get on a hayride.
  • Q: Why can’t I get on the hayride next to the weigh station?
    • A: There are safety procedures that must be adhered to. Having people coming on and off of the hayride at the same time creates an unsafe situation for those who are involved.


  • Q: Can Fundraiser Tickets be used for field trips?
    • A: Fundraiser tickets can not be used for field trips.
  • Q: When do these tickets expire?
    • A: Full value of fundraiser tickets are only valid for September 23 – October 4, 2016.
  • Q: Can I still use my expired fundraiser ticket?
    • A: Unused fundraiser ticket after the expiration date it is worth half regular priced admission.
  • Q: Do we have to submit sales tax?
    • A: Yes, you must submit sales tax. It’s not our choice; it is the law.


  • Q: How old do I have to be to apply?
    • A: You must to be 16 years old to apply.
  • Q: What days can I apply on?
    • A: You can apply on Tuesday, August 13th from 5:30pm-8pm and Saturday, August 17th from 9am-11am and 12pm-2pm.
  • Q: What are the hours like?
    • A: Your hours will generally be 5-10 on Monday through Thursday, 5-11 on Fridays, and anywhere from 10am-11pm on Saturdays. You are expected to work one shift every weekend.