2016 Season has ENDED. Look for us in 2017! We typically open late September; and in Late August, we look for people to help us run the event.

Zombie Quest: Journey Through the Corn

The Zombie Acres attraction is $13. Keep in mind that this is a premium/add-on attraction at Linder Farms and requires admission to the farm just like the Corn Maze and other attractions.

This year (primarily for safety reasons) the bus is “stranded” (not moving) and you will be fending off zombies coming toward the bus. No reservations required. We will move people through as you arrive. It is a little more intense/scary when it gets dark. But the attraction runs all hours we are open. So, starting 5pm M-F and 10am Sat. For the non-dark hours, we only charge $9 and it is less intense – might be a better option for younger participants.