Paintball Adventure

New this year! Experience the Paintball Adventure inside the corn maze for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  For 2017, the Paintball Adventure is INCLUDED with Corn Maze Admission!

  • Enter the regular corn maze and begin searching for a hidden path that leads to a Paintball Shooting Gallery — for no additional charge!
  • You are supplied with 15 free paint balls with the Green Token you are given as you enter the maze.
  • Additional paint balls may be purchased when you are redeeming your Green Token – for a small fee:
    • 50 paint balls for $5
    • 100 paint balls for $9
  • This Paintball Adventure consists of TWO Paintball Shooting Galleries – One with a Zombie theme and the other with a Wild West theme. — The choice is yours; what will you decide?
  • The Paintball Shooting Galleries have PROPS (both stationary and automated) as well as Live Actor Zombie Characters.
  • The recommended minimum age for the Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery is age 8.   The Wild West Paintball Shooting Gallery is suitable for all ages.