What Not to Wear

This information attempts to serve as a guide to make your visit to Linder Farms as pleasurable as possible.

This is a real farm. It has things like dirt and weeds. Trust me, we wish it was clean, too! Because of the dirt (if it is a wet season this becomes mud), you will want to wear something you can potentially get dirty. Leave your dress shoes at home. As for the weeds, some of them have thorns and the weeds themselves can be prickly. Even the pumpkin vines (early in the season before a hard frost) will scratch your legs a little if you are wearing shorts.

After a hard frost, the weeds and pumpkin vines pretty much dissipate. However, you would still be wise to wear shoes as some of the thorns are waiting on the ground to attack bare feet.

The pumpkin stems will also be a little prickly before a hard frost. It would be a good idea to bring a glove so that you can rip the stem from the vine without hurting your hands.

I hope the above advice has not scared you away. Our pumpkin patch is REALLY fun! You ARE going to have a great time, but this will help to make your time a little better.

After the hard frost, the patch becomes easier to navigate. Be warned the HUGE pumpkins will be picked early in the season. We hope to have THOUSANDS of pumpkins this year, so we should have enough pumpkins for those who come late in the season. My suggestion: Come early in the season and then come again late in the season. You won’t be sorry. Linder Farms is a fun, inexpensive family treat!