2014 Pricing

Note: Sales tax will be applied to all sales.

Admission To Linder Farms

Many people visit our farm and enjoy the hayride and pick a pumpkin and have some concessions; but never enter the Corn Maze. To make such a visit an affordable family activity, we have separated the costs for FARM and MAZE admission. Every visitor to our Farm is charged a modest Farm Admission fee as outlined below. Those that want to enjoy the challenge of the Corn Maze can add that experience as an "Additional Attraction" as outlined a little further down.

Ages Farm Admission Price
3 and under Free
General Admission (over 3 years old) $4.00
Military $2.00
Note: (Admission to the Farm is required before purchasing the Additional Activities and Attractions listed below. Admission to the Farm does NOT include Corn Maze Admission - which is an additional fee as described below.)

With admission to Linder Farms, the following attractions are provided at no additional cost for your enjoyment:
Hay Rides
Straw Bale Maze
Tractor Tire Playground
Corn Box
Petting Zoo
Pedal Tractors
See the ATTRACTIONS page for the details on INCLUDED activities that are for your enjoyment with Admission.

Additional (A La Carte) Activities and Attractions on the Farm.

Once on the farm, we have several activities/products/attractions to choose from. From Pumpkins to Corn Dogs and Haunts to Bounce Houses and everything in between.
Some of our Premier Attractions and products are listed below:

Official Boise State Broncos Corn Maze

Ages Bronco Corn Maze Fee
3 and under Free
Child (4 to 11) $3.00
Adult (12 and over) $6.00
Military $3.00


Pricing for pumpkins, squash and gourds is $.30 a pound up to 30 pounds per single pumpkin or squash. Any single pumpkin/squash over 30 pounds is simply $9.00.

All-Day Wristbands

With so many fun premium attractions, we are offering the opportunity to have unlimited use of most of the attractions for one price.
(This is an a la carte item, so Farm Admission is required before purchasing.)

$15 / person (any age, any day of the week) includes the following:
Unlimited use of Barrel Train ($1 value / ride)
Unlimited use of Bounce House & Slide ($2 value / turn)
Unlimited use of Kiddie Swing ($2 value / ride)
Unlimited use of Mechanical Bull ($4 value / ride)
Unlimited use of Dangle Hopper ($4 value / use)
Unlimited use of Orbiter ($4 value / use)
Unlimited use of Rock Climbing Wall ($3 value / use)
Unlimited use of Pumpkin Slingshot ($2 value / use)

Not included in the unlimited one-day pass is:
Pony Rides
Haunt Admission
Zip Line
Corn Maze Admission
Anything not specifically spelled out above.



Special Discounts and Programs.

Every Tuesday night is HALF PRICE night!! The following will be offered at HALF PRICE:
Admission to Linder Farms ($2 instead of $4)
Bronco Corn Maze Admission ($1.50-child and $3-adult)
TRAIL OF TERROR Admission - See the TRAIL OF TERROR link for pricing details.
All-Day Wristbands ($7.50 instead of $15)
These discounts are not accommodated on our online ticketing site.


EVERY night is HALF PRICE night for military families. We appreciate you! (Military ID Required) - The above Tuesday Night pricing applies to you each evening we are open!

Youth Programs

We are supporters of Scouting and other organized youth programs. To accommodate affordable youth activities, we are offering special pricing during mid-week visits. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, organized youth groups of 10 or more (purchased as a single transaction) are eligible for the following pricing:


This year we are again providing value to our customers through the use of Tokens. Purchasing the $1.00 tokens in quantity will allow writing a single check or performing a single credit card transaction as opposed to writing a check each time a family member wants a soda or a ride on the barrel train. Tokens can be redeemed as a $1.00 value towards pumpkins, concessions, activities; anything except cash or more tokens. Sales tax is paid at time of token purchase, so when you redeem tokens for anything on the farm the hassle of exact change and calculating tax is not an issue. Moreover, we are providing discounts on tokens when they are purchased in quantity of 22. This will provide a good value for groups or families.

Price Quantity
$1.00 Each
$20.00 22 Tokens

Family Pack

Our Family Value Pack provides an economical package providing admission for 4 to the farm and corn maze and 50 of our $1 value tokens to be used for concessions, pumpkins, pumpkin slingshot, or anything else we sell at our farm.

Family Pack - $69.00 - 4 Farm + Maze admissions and 50 tokens.


We try to offer discounts each year to those who are using our website. This year is no exception, but a little more formal. Instead of purchasing your discounted admission when you come to the farm, you can purchase NOW ONLINE at a discount! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT ONLINE ORDERING