Maze Map

With three primary paths ranging from less than a mile to almost four miles, our maze has something for everyone. Those who are up for a challenge will want to conquer all three paths for a total of nearly seven miles of trails!!

The maze admission price is good for any or all paths.

We hope you have a good sense of direction!


The 2013 Linder Farms corn maze design was inspired by milestones.

Milestones, by definition, are events marking significant moments in time. Join Linder Farms as we celebrate important Treasure Valley Milestones this fall.

1st, Linder Farms is celebrating its 10th season as a fall family destination. What started in a small white shed in the front of our home, has grown into a 50+ acre family fun event.

2nd, this year Boise State Broncos will celebrate 80 years since their first football game. From its start as a junior college to the dominant powerhouse it is today, football has always brought pride to Boise.

3rd, the great state of Idaho is celebrating the 150th anniversary of becoming an official territory in the United States of America. On March 4, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed a congressional act creating the Idaho Territory.


This year we will again feature an FSI challenge that adds some fun to your maze experience. Collect clues as you walk through the maze to solve the whodunnit mystery.