Corn Maze and Map

The Linder Farms corn maze is an adventure!  We hope you have a good sense of direction!

With FOUR different paths that range from a children maze to more advanced labyrinth of over three miles, our maze has something for everyone. Those who are up for a challenge will want to conquer all paths for a total of nearly six miles of trails!

For an even more difficult challenge, try out our Maze Games:


The other night sic farm animals snuck into the house and stole farmer Joe’s apple pie. He chased the animals into the corn maze and needs your help finding their tracks. Think you can find out who stole farmer Joe’s pie?


Howdy y’all, I been tellin’ folks just like you that there’s treasure on this farm. It turns out that some of them had been findin’ it too. Think you may wanna find some? Well you’re gonna have to compete with friends and neighbors to see who can find the most treasure!


It all happened one crazy fall night! A mysterious blinding flash lit the night sky. Boots, the dog, went to investigate but never returned. Monsters overran the farm took Boots! Find out which monster took him and where he is being hidden. Enter the maze and find the 6 hidden location maps.

Treasure Hunt

Monster Mystery

All corn maze games are included in the corn maze admission price.

Linder Farms is proud to support the Boise State Broncos and Celebrate 16 Years at Linder Farms

The maze admission price is good for all paths.