Fundraising Opportunity

Make BIG bucks for your school, youth, or sports organization and have fun at the same time! Linder Farms is giving you the opportunity to pre-sell special admission tickets to our corn maze.

  • Contact Linder Farms, at, to arrange a time to pickup the Linder Farms corn maze special admission tickets.
  • Fundraiser tickets can be picked up starting August 1st.
  • We do the work for you! Download a flyer to use with your fundraiser. The flyer includes information about Linder Farms. You can customize and print the flyer to highlight your organization and why you are holding a fundraiser.
  • Offer the tickets for whatever price you want. Each ticket has a $10.00 value (adult admission). We recommend you sell each ticket for $6.00.
  • The special admission tickets are good only for the opening weeks of September 20th through October 1st, 2019.
  • When you are done with your fundraiser, return unsold tickets to Linder Farms and remit $2 for every ticket you sold. Easy!
  • *Money and tickets must be remitted by October 9th!!! You will be billed for the full price value of unreturned and unpayed tickets. Also, you run the risk of your organization not being allowed to participate in the fundraiser in further years.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions:

  • Fundraiser tickets can not be used for field trips.
  • We give fundraiser tickets to one organization per school. It is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Fundraiser tickets are only valid for September 20th-October 1st, 2019.
  • Yes, you must submit sales tax. It’s not our choice; it is the law.
  • Unused fundraiser tickets after the expiration date can be redeemed for half price admission to the farm and corn maze.

We look forward to helping you raise funds for your organization.

Please download and complete the FundRaising Tickets Pickup Form before you arrange to get your tickets.

Download and make a copy of the Flyer Template for your organization to use.
*****You must collect and remit sales tax when you resell these tickets. To participate in this fundraiser opportunity, you must provide to Linder Farms a completed ST-101 form. You can download the ST-101 from the state’s website here – STATE ST-101 FORM. On the ST-101 form, Linder Farms is the SELLER (upper right block). We can fill out that part for you. YOU are the BUYER (upper right block) Please fill that out. Section 1 (Buying for Resale) – be sure to fill out line ‘b’. as an “Idaho Registered Retailer”. You need to fill out with YOUR seller’s permit number. If you do not already have one, you can apply for one here – Temporary Seller’s Permits