2016 Season has ENDED. Look for us in 2017! We typically open late September; and in Late August, we look for people to help us run the event.

Field Trips

On weekdays from October 3rd through October 28th between the hours of 9am and 3pm and by appointment only, Linder Farms invites local groups to come and experience our pumpkin patch, hayride, and corn maze.

A daytime field trip includes:

  • A pumpkin for each child.
  • Trip through a small portion of the corn maze.
  • Sensory experience in the corn box.
  • Playground with straw maze, tractor tire playground, and giant slide.
  • Visit to the petting zoo.
  • Education station to learn about the life cycle of pumpkins.
  • Hay wagon ride.
  • A free pumpkin for the classroom (homeschools are excluded).

For field trip groups of 15 or more, the prices are:

Note: For field trip groups of 14 or fewer, please add $1.00 more for each child.

  • $3.50 for each child age 6 (1st grade) or younger.
  • $4.00 for each child age 7 (2nd grade) through age 10.
  • $7.00 for each child age 11 and older, includes admission to the corn maze and a pumpkin.
  • $4.00 for each child age 11 and older, includes admission to the corn maze but NOT a pumpkin.
    • A pumpkin only option for each child age 11 and older is the price of the pumpkin at $.30 a pound.

* For an extra $1.50 each child, we provide a drink and small bag of popcorn.


  • Linder Farms will be open to the public on the following days. Plan your field trips accordingly.
    • The following dates we will open at NOON:
    • October 6 and 7
    • October 20 and 21
    • October 28


Come and enjoy Linder Farms on our special Home School day! We will open our attractions and kitchen for Home School families on Friday October 14th from 11am until 3pm. Prices will include the basic field trip and will be as follows:

Please send us an email if you are planning to attend. This helps us to know how many employees to have.

Under 3: Free unless purchasing a pumpkin
3-6 yrs :$3.50
7-10: $4.00
11 and over $5

Contact Information

Email us at info@linderfarms.com to schedule a field trip or ask questions.